Are we going inside the tunnel, or the tunnel is coming inside us?


The Train, this symbol of displacement, of geographical displacement, displacement on time and a psychological one, the last hope to leave towards an unknown direction, but still a good hope. During this long and tiring journey, the train stops in different stations, but never in the desired one. The passengers get off the train emptying the wagons overpopulated by hopes and aspirations. The last station that was supposed to be the most far, the most different one, it results as a start point for other desires, for other aspirations, but in this case the vector of hope is directed exactly where hope has always lacked. This displacement, all this movement in the space of our thought takes the form of a cyclic movement, often followed by the incubus of getting stocked into a place and sometime it takes the form of a return back, back to the past. - Ilir Butka

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