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ALBANIA ART INSTITUTE is a non governmental institution that aims at cultivating and promoting art and Albanian culture creating a favorable and stimulating environment for the national art.


Albanian Art Institute is the organizing body of five editions of Tirana International Film Festival, the very first international cinema festival in Albania created in 2003.
This extraordinary event for Albania takes place annually under the auspices of the Albanian National Center of Cinematography, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Municipality of Tirana.

The competition program combines short films of all formats and categories.
Tirana International Film Festival is open to well-known artists as well as students, representatives of all schools, contemporary, independent and alternative cinema from throughout the world. TIFF reserves an important space to the seminars and workshops, which prove necessary for the Albanian film makers and young artists.

TIFF aims at the same time to be a meeting point of cultures, where people of Tirana, the guests and all those who love the short film will have a cinema-language-communication week. TIFF aims to create in Albania, as well as in the Balkans, a cultural center of worldwide alternative and independent cinema.

From the first edition of its existence TIFF has been trying to promote to Albanian public the best of the contemporary independent films and many of the well known authors have been in present for the Albanian audience such as Ken Loach, Nick Broofield, Goran Pakaljevic, Dusan Makavejev, Phill Parmet, Sam Green, Franco Nero, Miguel Hermoso, Motcho Armendariz, Carl Henric Svensted, Caveh Zahedi, Alesandro Piva, etc. As for  the Sixth edition as organizers we have agree to have in-present  some of the uprising independent directors such as Abel Ferrarra, Alexandre Rockwell, , Mary Jordan, the winner of the Jury special price in Cannes this year Paolo Sorrentino , Italian director Gianni Amelio and the living legend of the  film making Alexader Jodorovski.

This way we are going to show for the Albanian audience works some of the most interesting many award wining awards films which is found on artistic and cultural bases.

For more information please click: www.tiranafilmfest.com




Albania Art Institute organized as well the Albanian Film Week during the European Cinema Festival of Lecce for more information: www.europecinefestival.org

In the framework of the cooperation with other European film festivals the 24 July 2006 Albanian Art Institute organized “Albanian Shorts”, a special night within the "Salento Finibus Terrae" International Film Festival. For more information: www.salentofinibusterrae.com

In 2008 Albanian Art Institute organized an Albanian Cinema Exhibition in the framework of GENOVA FILM FESTIVAL. Under the title "Oltre il
Confine” GENOVA FILM FESTIVAL showed the best of Albanian audio-visual production from the Nineties to today. The Albanian Cinema Exhibition included feature films, shorts and animation films, screening the best ones. www.genovafilmfestival.it

Albanian Art Institute organized as well for four years in a row the Spanish Film Weeks in Albania and the AMC Award for Contemporary Art in the Albanian Academy of Arts.



Dear Friend

There are several reasons to give life to a festival, but I would like to limit myself in some of them;
First of all, took keep alive a 50 years old heritage in the Albanian cinematography. 
The history of the Albanian cinematography is relatively young and in its 60 years of life experienced such artistic zeniths to deserve the respect of the coming generations. During the so-called social realism several movies overcame the limits of propaganda constituting the basis of a new national culture. 
Considering its complex nature, the Albanian cinematography integrated the best country achievements in literature, visual arts and other spiritual creations offering a consistent form of the historical, political, artistic and cultural national recognition.   
The second reason to give life to the festival is the desire to bring the Albanian youth closer to the world of cinematography.
Albania belongs to the group of countries with a high percentage of young population. One of the missions of Tirana Film Festival is to bring the Albanian young people closer to the cinematography and the best Albanian and worldwide achievements.  It is an obligation of the young generation took keep this little flame alive and to pay respect to the memory of the heritage of the cinematography.
To put Albania under the scene lights even for a week, this would be a major challenge, a supreme mission on itself for the organization of Tirana International Film Festival. Our country victimized by the most spectacular forms of emigration, judged by superficial, manipulated and manipulative media, isolated in the most infamous and undignified way by the ones that reject us (the ones we love), this country organizes one of the best festivals dedicated to the short film. 
Being aware of the importance of a short film festival organized in one of the smallest countries in the world, a short film festival that through difficulties is trying to find its way towards the new Millennium it is an unquestionable testimony of noble human, spiritual dimensions, that at the same time show real dedication and professionalism to the seventh art.
The presence of idols of cinematography in our festival has an incredible effect and not a decorative one compared to the big festivals where the dimensions of show kill the human dimensions, where everybody is felt used walking over the red carpet, a product of consumption for the media hungry for VIP gossip, where so less is spoken on cinematography an art.    
It is a pleasure to notice that somebody loves us, respects us and wants to be integrated with us. There are hundreds of authors from dozens of countries all around the would that submit their movies to Tirana International Film Festival, there are a lot of personalities that with generosity allow us to closely touch dimensions we dream long time ago.    

It is very important for us to be loved, because we do love, it is very important for us to be respected, because we do respect, we want to be integrated because this is one of the things we do better. The festivals are the perfect arena where all I mentioned above can happen, we want to happen.  

Ilir Butka
Festival Director

For more information: www.tiranafilmfest.com



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